Ekinci Law & Consultancy

Born in 1971 in Burdur, S. Hüdai Ekinci completed his middle and high school education at TED Ankara College, followed by a law degree from Ankara University. He holds a master's degree in International Relations and is also a graduate of the National Security Academy. He is highly proficient in English.

He has served in various roles at the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Prime Minister's Office of the Republic of Turkey, and the Presidency.

Currently, he is working as an attorney and legal consultant, as well as serving as a legal expert and board member in various international and national organizations.

Activity Areas


Legal Consultancy Services

Legal consultancy services are provided by qualified and experienced lawyers who will assist your clients in legal proceedings.


Real Estate

Real estate property law provides consultancy and services related to legal issues concerning real estate, such as property acquisition, title deeds, leasing and purchasing.


Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

We provide protection in the field of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, designs, and copyright, and offers legal solutions to prevent infringements.


Sports Law

Under Sports Law, we provide services on various legal issues, including contract preparation, signing and dispute resolution between sports clubs and athletes, license procedures, and criminal cases.


Insurance Law

Under Insurance Law, we offer services on various legal issues, including preparation and review of insurance contracts, follow-up of damage claims, resolution of disputes related to insurance policies, criminal cases, and compensation claims.


Health Law

Health Law provides consultancy and services on various legal issues related to health, including the provision of health services, patients' rights, medical interventions, health insurance, and medical malpractice cases.


Urban Transformation Law

Urban Transformation Law provides consultancy and legal solutions in the planning, implementation, and monitoring processes of urban transformation projects. It protects the rights of homeowners, contractors, municipalities, and other parties involved and governs legal regulations related to urban transformation.


Commercial Law

Under Commercial Law, we provide consultancy and legal solutions on the establishment of companies, mergers and acquisitions, partnership and stock transactions, preparation of commercial contracts, trademark and patent registration, competition law, and other commercial matters.


Family and Inheritance Law

Under Family and Inheritance Law, we provide consultancy and legal solutions on marriage contracts, divorce cases, custody and alimony disputes, inheritance law, and other family matters. We provide services with a solution-oriented approach, while protecting the rights of our clients.


Enforcement - Bankruptcy Law

Under Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, we provide consultancy and legal solutions in cases of follow-up procedures, bankruptcy cases, concordat processes, withdrawal from enforcement, and objections when the debtor fails to pay the creditor's debt.


Labor and Social Security Law

Under Labor and Social Security Law, we provide consultancy and legal solutions on disputes between employees and employers, reinstatement lawsuits, occupational accidents and diseases, employment contracts, social security legislation, and other labor law matters.


Entrepreneurship Law

Under Entrepreneurship Law, we provide legal consultancy and support services that entrepreneurs need. We offer legal solutions to our clients on company formations, investment agreements, commercial contracts, intellectual property rights, and other entrepreneurship matters.